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People before profits

Simba was built for, with & by immigrants – we’re here to support immigrant communities to ensure we all thrive together.

Everyone can apply

Non-US citizens can sign up - no SSN or ITIN required. You need a passport & U.S. address to apply.

No monthly fees

No minimum account balance, no maintenance fees, no overdraft fees. (ATM use and cash deposit fees apply.)3

Monthly no fee transfer

All Simba members get 1 no fee international transfer monthly, and can earn a 2nd – additional transfers are a flat fee of $2.99 for $200.1

No exchange rate markup

We don't hide transfer fees by marking-up our exchange rates (like the other guys) – the rate we get is always the rate you get.

Tell us how to improve

Over 100 people have told us what they want to see from Simba. What about you? Email at any time to tell us what you'd like to see us do differently.

My family back home counts on me for monthly support, with Simba we have a secure lifeline. A few clicks & I know my transfers arrive when and where they're needed.


Global citizen living in NYC

I'm excited for Simba because it was made by the diaspora for the diaspora. It really is a company made by people like us for people like us.


Burkinabe living in Wisconsin

Simba is a dream for me. They have all the banking services I need. They are helping to make my life easier here in U.S.


Burkinabe living in NYC

I worked with the amazing teams at Simba. It's been great to share my thoughts and I'm positive you'll be pleased with the product.


Nigerian living in NYC