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Is Simba a bank? 
Who is Simba for?
Can I get an account without an SSN?
How do I deposit money into Simba?
How do I setup direct deposit?
How do I link other accounts with Simba?
Is my money safe with Simba?
Can I use Simba when I travel? 
What ATMs can I use & how much do they cost?
What's the cost to use my Simba card abroad?
What services will Simba offer in the future? 
How do I freeze or order a new Simba VISA® Debit Card?
Will I receive checks for my Simba account?
How does Simba's transfer service work? 
Can I only transfer money to a Visa card?
How do I get someone's Visa number?
Do I need a Simba account to send money?
What is the maximum amount I can send daily?
How much can I send per transfer?
Why can I only send $500 per transfer?
Which countries can I send money to?
How quickly will funds be received?
Who is Simba for?
Do you have physical locations? 
Is Simba available outside the U.S.?
Is Simba a bank?
Are you hiring?
Who founded Simba?
Who do I call if there's an issue with my account?
What does pending transactions means?
What languages do you support?
Where do I get account statements?
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